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“A L'Ancienne was a significant contributor to the construction of our new home. They were the largest contributor due to the extensive stonework and cast concrete work used in our home. There is no doubt that Pascal is extremely talented and unique in his work. We increased the scope of his work by over 100% as we saw what he could do. I can confidently say that without his work our house would not have been as dramatic and authentic.  I never underestimate good scheduling and management. If I had known of A L'Ancienne before we designed the house I would have designed it to take further advantage of their skills in stone masonry and cast concrete work. “              

“Working with Pascal in his capacity to design, cut and install extensive stonework in our new home was both a personal and professional pleasure.  These were simplified (modernized) adaptations of Palladian motifs and required a sophisticated understanding of the demands of scale. Many decisions were made on site (as opposed to deriving from pre-existing architect's drawings) so as to better harmonize with the volumetric spaces as they emerged in actual construction.  

"Aside from his skills in physically working with the often very tough material that stone represents, Pascal is extremely sensitive to the aesthetic nuances that characterize well-executed work in stone."  His discussions with me on site revealed unusual empathy for an artist / owner's intentions. His wisdom regarding pitfalls and his willingness to question assumptions were consistently reassuring. Fundamentally, one can say that Pascal cares deeply both for the artistry of his efforts and the concerns of his clients. He is a rare entity in the contemporary building profession.”          

“Including Pascal in our projects has always proven to be a value added, both for the client and as an enhancement to our design services.  He is willing to work within established guidelines, or join as a collaborator, offering an informed eye and  a reassuring array of technical skills.  All this, delivered on schedule, makes it easy for me to recommend his talents.”     

“Meeting Pascal was the gift we gave to our Castello di Paradiso project.  Pascal shared our vision for architectural authenticity as he reminded us to stay true to the historical integrity of our building materials, be it stone, tile or wood.  His creative spirit, talent and artistry resonates all through our castello in detail after detail.”